Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Iswara R34 GTR

What car is this? why it looks like a narrowed R34 GTR? Actually this is a Proton Iswara with Skyline R34 GTR theme conversion. The ride owned by team Top Racing and bodykit done by AL Motorsport. Spotted this ride during a car club gathering at IOI Mall Kulai.

Iswara convert Skyline R34 GTR

Head lamp was covered by customized R34 style head lamp cover, front bumper was built with the theme of R34, also, bonnet was customized based on R34.

The front, rear fenders have been widened so that the bigger size of rims can be fitted. Besides that, the customized head lamp eyebrow, diffusers, roof scoop, GT wing have been installed to make the car looks more aggressive.

However, the heap lamp cover and the front bumper are not painted yet, it will become perfect after the paint job.


  1. Everyone love R34, that's why so many Proton convert to R34.

  2. kat mna kedai yg blh buat ni ye ??

  3. minta jasa mane nak buat kat kedai mana n costing berapa



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