Thursday, 18 August 2011

Extreme Widebody Nissan Skyline R32

In Malaysia, most of the cars that modified for autoshow purpose are Proton and Perodua, but now, an autoshow lover modify his Japanese sport car, the Skyline R32 just for autoshow purpose.

Widebody Nissan Skyline R32

This widebody Skyline R32 is the demo car of AL Motorsport Johor. Spotted it during an autoshow at IOI Mall Kulai.

Widebody Nissan Skyline R32

This R32 was installed with customized widebody kit, customized GT wing, roof scoop, side exhaust pipe and huge size offset rims. Full car body was wrapped by carbon fiber vinyl sticker.

Widebody Nissan Skyline R32

Car doors was wrapped by white carbon fiber vinyl sticker, the combination of black and white make it looks like a patrol car. The owner is very creative, he placed the Darlie Toothpaste logo on the door, then another side of door was placed by Mickey Mouse sticker.

1 comment:

  1. Nice 32! 8) This is a real deal Godzilla GTR? I wonder what mods does its RB26 have. Not some wannabe rice skyline I hope.



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