Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bigger Looks Better: Nissan Silvia S15 20" Rims

Rims play an important role in appearance of a car, and most of the people will have a perception that is the bigger rims look better.

Modified Nissan Silvia S15 20

The owner of this Silvia S15 have the same opinion, hence he decided to equip the 20" rims for his car. 20" rims will never fit to the car, it were too big for a S15, therefore, customization of the fender must be done before equip the rims. After the customization, the bigger and wider wheel arches are able too accommodate the 20" rims.

Modified Nissan Silvia S15 20

Besides the 20" rims and the customized fender/wheel arch, this Silvia S15 equipped with carbon fiber bonnet, customized diffuser, headlight eyelids, LED taillight, ducktail spoiler and others.

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