Monday, 26 September 2011

UTM Autoshow 2011 Part 1

Autoshow can be consider as a automobile culture in Malaysia. In different location of Malaysia, there are a lot of autoshow events held frequently. Actually what means by autoshow? In Malaysia, autoshow can be defined as the car exterior and interior modification competition. Sometime autoshow is not a competition but just a car modification showoff event.

There was an autoshow held at University Technology Malaysia JB in conjunction with the UTM 47th convocation on Sept 24, 2011. You may wondering what is the relation between the autoshow and convocation? Car modification also a kind of art and technology, hence there was an autoshow event held in conjunction with the UTM convocation since few years ago. Talking too much, let watch the pictures of modded car.

Naruto Waja Autoshow Car

Wow, this Waja is full of Naruto decals, sure the owner is a Naruto fan. Besides the decal, this Waja equipped with customized bodykit and turbo. Just know that a Mitsubishi engine inside, but not sure what model of it.

Modified Waja Autoshow Car

Another Proton Waja will the Wangan Midnight Club decal, I assumed the owner is a racing game lover. The owner does not exchange the original front bumper, he has install the lip and diffuser for the bumper. The identity of Waja is retained but it still looks aggressive. Good job.

Modified Waja C-West Bodykit

Proton Waja with C-west front bumper, scissor doors, Voltex GT wing and airbrush painting.

Modified Saga BLM

Standard modified Saga BLM, looks simple and nice.

Modified Myvi Autoshow Car

Modified Perodua Myvi with VIP style interior, but don't have the pictures of interior.

Modified VIP Myvi SE

Another modified Myvi with VIP style interior, I am regret why I din't take the picture of interior. However, more pictures of the autoshow will be posted soon, kindly wait for the part 2.

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