Sunday, 4 September 2011

Honda Stream Autoshow Car

This is the first time I saw a compact MPV underwent such extreme bodykit modification. Perhaps the owner just wanna to be the only one that using a compact MPV as a autoshow car in a autoshow competition, or maybe the owner thinks that the bigger is better, so he decided to modify his Honda Stream as extreme as possible not only the bodykit but also the ICE system.

Extreme Modified Honda Stream Autoshow Car

The widebody kit of this Honda Stream was built by AL Motorsport and the ICE system was equipped by Hang Guan, besides that, the full body was painted by airbrush. Don't know how many RM the owner has spent for all of this.

Extreme Modified Honda Stream Autoshow Car

Thanks for the owner because he let us know that a compact MPV also can be a excellent autoshow car and make the autoshow event more attractive.

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  1. Wooww!! it's really diffrnt this car.. Din punya kereta nih.. dulu Pantera. skrg dah tukar. semoga terus success. -RedSpider- PMC Kulai. ;-)



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