Sunday, 18 September 2011

Need for Speed Proton Persona

Need for Speed is a famous racing game series that everybody know. Several Need for Speed games contains the police chasing features such as Most Wanted, Undercover, Hot Pursuit and the latest The Run. The police car inside the games maybe is the dream car of some gamer.

Need for Speed Proton Persona Autoshow

Inside the pictures is a Proton Persona modified as the police car inside the game. The customized front bumper make it looks like a RX-8. All of the doors have been modified as the scissor doors.

Need for Speed Proton Persona Autoshow

With customized size skirts, roof scoop, Evo X spoiler, customized rear bumper and customized tail light, it has become the only one Persona in the world.

Need for Speed Proton Persona Autoshow

After installed with the police siren light and Sheriff logo sticker, it looks exactly like car police car that come out from the Need for Speed game, but, It will be better if painted in black and white.

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