Thursday, 1 September 2011

Customized Wira Evolution III

You may wondering why there are so many Evo 3 in Malaysia, but most of the Evo 3 you saw on the road are not the real Evo actually, they are Evo with proton blood (converted from Proton Wira). Since Proton Wira was built based on the basic of Lancer, so not a difficult job to convert a Wira to Evo 1,2 or 3 either bodykit or engine. There were some Wira that fully converted to Evo 3 includes the bodykit, engine and 4WD system.

Wira Evolution 3 bodykit

Inside the picture is a Proton Wira Sedan converted to Lancer Evolution 3 (front body parts), original engine was retired and a turbo engine has hired, whether a 4G63 inside? I don't have the answer.

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