Thursday, 29 September 2011

UTM Autoshow 2011 Part 2

Continue from the previous post, there are more pictures of modified rides here. Hope you all enjoy it.

Modified Wira Evo 3 Autoshow car

Proton Wira Aeroback with full Evo III front body parts conversion. The rear trunk installed with Evo VIII replica spoiler. There is a name for the Wira converted to Lancer Evolution, which is Wiralution. (Wira + Evolution)

Modified Wira Evo 3 bodykit

Another Wira with Evo bodykit conversion. This Wira Sedan equipped with projector head lamp, Evo III front bumper, Evo V bonnet, roof scoop, wheel arches and EVo III spoiler. In order to get more attention in an autoshow, car body was placed with itasha decal.

Modified Wira Autoshow car

The Spider Man Wira, which equipped with Wira SE front bumper + customized lip and diffuser, Evo VII spoiler and large intercooler. The original engine has retired and a Mitsubishi engine with turbo was hired.

Modified Wira DAMD bodykit

Proton Wira Aeroback with DAMD front bumper, wheel arches, GT wing and many more, try to find out yourself.

Modified Wira Mivec Airbrush

Proton Wira Sedan with Mivec bodykit and full airbrush.

Modified Satria Mivec Airbrush

Proton Satria with Mivec bodykit and airbrush.

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